Most Common Mistakes People Make When Undertaking Electrical Work


Most Common Mistakes People Make When Undertaking Electrical Work

With Do It Yourself (DIY) videos and instructions available for almost any task, you may be led to believe that you can do it yourself. While such DIY projects are useful when you need to learn how to get a stubborn stain off your shirt or build a study table, it is just the opposite in the case of electric work.

If you are anything but a professional electrician, your best and safest bet is to have an expert over to handle the electrical work. A skilled electrician has the required knowledge and expertise to carry out the job efficiently without any damage, neither to himself/herself nor the house.

When carrying out electrical work, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. To help create awareness about electrical work so that people avoid making dangerous and expensive mistakes, we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when undertaking electrical work.

1. Carrying out the electrical work by yourself. There are many reasons based on which you may decide to complete the electrical work yourself. Keep in mind that deaths while carrying out repairs, maintenance, and other electrical work by oneself is common (around thirty percent), therefore, should be avoided. You may be tempted to perform the electric task yourself to save a couple of bucks. However, you may most likely end up spending not only for the services of an electrician but a few hospital and home repair bills as well, in case of any injury you suffer or an accident.

2. Hiring A Handyman. A handyman is employed to carry out minor repairs and other small jobs around the house. In case of any electrical work, contacting your handyman is a bad idea, to say the least. While a handyman gives you all the necessary help with small repairs around the house, only an experienced and skilled electrician is qualified to handle your electrical work. These electricians are licensed to carry out such dangerous tasks as they are aware of the risks of a job not done well.

3. Multiple Extension Cords. In the event of adding too many extension cords and grounded outlets, you will definitely be putting your family’s life at risk as this leads to fire and related accidents. Short-circuiting, overheating and other such dangers are very real, and therefore the electrical needs of your house must be handled only by a licensed electrical contractor.

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