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No matter how well-designed your home is, bad lighting can really kill the mood. Recessed lights / Pot lights are an option that when used strategically can remedy that.

If you’re looking for task lighting, decorative lighting, or Shower ighting— recessed lights can do the trick. Recessed lights, also referred to as can lights, pot lights, or high hat lights.

  • Pot lights are one of the most efficient and brightest lighting solutions available on the market today;
  • Pot lights are designer's 1 st choice for creating ambience in any room;
  • Pot lights give your home a modern and fashionable look;
  • Pot lights are inconspicuous and effective space savers;
  • Pot lights allow you to create the maximum amount of light in a room with minimum fixture visibility
  • Pot lights provide a natural direct light;
  • Pot lights bring higher resale values to homes

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Pot light or recessed light

Its best to think of a Pot Light as a (3) piece light fixture consisting of a Housing, a decorative Trim Ring and a lamp or light bulb.Pot lights are available in many different sizes commonly sized between a 3” to 6” diameter.

Pot Lights of different Sizes - H MAN ELECTRIC

Pot lights can best be separated into 2 different housing configurations:

  1. The retrofit Type and,
  2. The new construction Type.

The retrofit is the most popular style for renovations because it can be easily installed into drywall with the least amount of drywall repair.

New construction pot lights are best suited when constructing new buildings but can be used when the opening they will be installed into can be easily accessed, such as the attic. When installing pot lights into any space that has insulation in it the pot light must be rated for Insulation Contact “IC rated”. Non IC rated pot lights can be installed when no insulation will be making contact with the pot light and the pot light is kept at the recommended distance from the insulation. Many different trim rings are available for pot lights. Whenever a pot light is installed in a shower the proper shower rated trim must be used. When installing a light bulb/lamp into a pot light be sure to not install a lamp which exceeds the recommend rating. When installing pot lights its important to not install to many onto one circuit. Only qualified electricians should install pot lights.

Low Voltage Pot Lights use a transformer to lower the voltage to 12V.

Many designers prefer using low voltage pot lighting because it allows the the use of lamps that have a greater selection of light beam angles.

Line Voltage Pot Lights are the most common and use the typical household voltage of 120vac to power the lamp directly. Line Voltage pot lights are the most economical pot light.

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LED Lights

To get the expected lighting effect, save energy, and keep the property safe LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent lights. 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat. This is compared to fluorescent lights which convert 95% of energy to heat and only 5% into light!

LEDs have a better quality of light distribution and focus light in one direction as opposed to other types of lighting which waste energy by emitting light in all directions, often illuminating areas where light isn’t required

A longer life span means lower carbon emissions. LED Lights last up to six times longer than other types of lights, reducing the requirement for frequent replacements. When you upgrade to LED recessed lighting, you can forget about changing your light bulbs for years.

LED Color Temperature


Dimmable pot lights help you to create the perfect atmosphere by adjusting your light source .

Freshen up the lighting in your home, replace pot lights with dimmable LED pot lights

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Residential Houses


Main Floor:

  • 1 LED pot light $250 installed
  • 2 LED pot lights $175 per light installed
  • 3-4 LED pot lights $125 per light installed
  • 5-6 LED pot lights $120 per light installed
  • 7-15 LED pot lights $85 per light installed
  • 16 and above $75 per light installed

Insulated ceilings: Bungalows, Second floor and basements:

  • 1 LED pot light $250 installed
  • 2 LED pot lights $175 per light installed
  • 3-4 LED pot lights $150 per light installed
  • 5-9 LED pot lights $125 per light installed
  • 10-15 LED pot lights $95 per light installed
  • 16 and above $85 per light installed

Outdoor Pot Light Installation

  • 1 LED pot light $250 installed
  • 2 LED pot lights $200 per light installed
  • 3-4 LED pot lights $150 per light installed
  • 5-10 LED lights $125 per light installed
  • 11-15 LED pot lights $110 per light installed
  • 16 and above $100 per light installed
  • Peak pot lights: $160 per light. no discount applied

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Condominium Lighting
LED Condominium pot lights (limited to ceiling boxes and dropped ceilings) 4 inch thin led panel lights $150 and up per light (price based on 6 lights minimum) New switch install + wiring $250 per switch.

Trouble Shooting
$200 for First Hour,any additional hour will be $100/hr

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