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There is something about the lighting in a home that can make it seem a lot more spacious, colorful, warm, exciting or cozy. Just throwing up a lamp or light fixture here or there will make it brighter, but it won’t help you to create the ideal look or ambience you’re after. Today, there is such a wide array of light fixtures, ceiling fans and chandeliers to choose from, you can completely transform multiple rooms in your home, as long as you have them installed correctly.

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Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan, strategically placed in your home, can improve the airflow, create a valuable light source and help you save money on electricity bills. In the warmer months, a ceiling fan will make the room feel cooler and reduce the need for your AC to be set higher. Running your ceiling fan in a clockwise direction when the winter months are here will allow you to circulate the warm air from your furnace and keep the house warmer.

Installation Is Risky

Whether it is a new light fixture, chandelier or ceiling fan, anytime you start messing around with electricity, there will be risks. The installation instructions may seem simple enough, but if you run afoul of the local building codes, overload a circuit or melt wires and cause a fire, the money you saved may have to be spent repairing your home or having a licensed electrician do the job correctly. As tempting as it may seem, leave the installation to professionals so you can enjoy the results and forget about any potential consequences.

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