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Are your lights flickering or dimming in an area of your home when the microwave is on or when the refrigerator turns on? Do you have an outlet not working or working intermittently at best? Are you blowing fuses? Do you have a pesky electrical circuit breaker that keeps tripping, killing power to an area of your home? Have you detected sparks or noticed occasional smoke coming from an outlet or appliance in your home? High electrical bill ?light bulbs burning off too offen?recessed light goes out and come back on?do you feel a mild shock or tingle when touching an appliance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider contacting an electrician at H MAN ELECTRIC.

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Electrical troubleshooting involves determining the cause of failure. A professional can pinpoint the reason to specific causes such as age, corrosion, wear, improper use, or a design flaw. The findings are used to decide what types of repairs to make or what parts need to be replaced if necessary.

Never try to address an electrical problem on your own. When you hire a certified electrician, you get the peace of mind knowing that your home and family are safe, the troubleshooting is quick and accurate, and you won’t be paying for any mistakes.

Electrical malfunctions cause more than 50,000 house fires each year, according to Electrical Safety Foundation International. The majority can be prevented.

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Commercial and Residential Electrical Services offered by H MAN ELECTRIC:
Electrical Troubleshooting | Light Fixtures, Chandeliers & Ceiling Fans Installation | Pot Light Installation, Outdoor & Indoor Lighting | Dimmer/Timer Switch & Motion Sensor | Electrical Panel Upgrade | Stove, Dryer, Fireplace Wiring | Upgrade Basement Wiring | Upgrade Fuse Box to Breaker Panel | Pot Light Installation

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