4 Crucial Lighting Design Considerations for a post-COVID world

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When we think about offices of the future, a realm of images come to mind: Computer screens projected whenever and wherever we want them. Spaces that can be instantly reconfigured to accommodate one person working alone or many collaborators. Seating that can automatically adjust to fight fatigue. It’s possible we’ll see all of those things and more. But one often-overlooked, crucially important element of every workplace is poised to have more impact on our future workspaces than any adjustable furniture or sci-fi computer monitor. That key element? Light.

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Original Article Source Credits: facilitiesnet, https://www.facilitiesnet.com

Article Written By: Avraham Mor

Original Article Posted on: 3/12/2021

Link to Original Article: https://www.facilitiesnet.com/lighting/article/4-Crucial-Lighting-Design-Considerations-for-a-post-COVID-world--19153